Unique House Designs

Could you live in this “Cliff House” perched on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road?

Offering sea views as far as the eye can see, it sounds blissful but not for anyone who is afraid of heights!

The incredible home design has been created by modular home designers Modscape, who remind us a home can be almost anything we can imagine.  This three bedroom five story property  has its main entry via the top-floor carport, where a lift will take you to your desired level.  They have decorated the property with a minimalist touch so that their is no distraction from the stunning ocean views.

Managing director of Modscape  Jan Gyran said “this isn’t a build that would work in a convential building plan” the design itself would make conventional construction prohibitive due to cost and access issues”, he said.

What does Median House Price mean?

The median house price is calculated by finding the midway point of all the properties sold at market price over a set period of time.

This differs from the mean point, which equates to the average price – adding the sales prices together and then dividing this by the number of sales.

The reason the term median house is used rather than mean price, is because it more accurately reflects the market.

I would advise however, for the very best way to get an idea of property prices, it is advisable to  view the median house prices over a period of time and monitor trends rather than looking at the median house price sold over a shorter period of time.

Property prices fluctuate up and down throughout the seasons.




Northern Beaches Property Sales

Sometimes the amazing results that we achieve for our clients become routine for us.

We have for years now obsessed over finding the best photographer to take photos of our client’s houses.  Studied styling methods, studied the market, and using the best marketing plan for home sellers so that they receive the most amount of money on their sale, it works really well. Occasionally I’ll be sharing a story about one of our clients’ results to a friend or acquaintance and they are extremely impressed by the real impact that selling homes for way over the price they initially expected in way under the normal time  has on our clients.

Just recently we sold a house in Collaroy Plateau at Auction for over $100,000 over reserve price with a four week marketing plan.  It was a cattle farmer from Albury’s house and due to the fact the owner could not be in Sydney for long periods of time, we took over the gardening, styling, looked after everything from start to finish while at the same time keeping the family informed  along the way, and finally  achieving  an outstanding result for the family they were absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

If you would like to achieve results like this in your market,  give me a call on 0424 990 885 for a confidential chat.