Unique House Designs

Could you live in this “Cliff House” perched on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road?

Offering sea views as far as the eye can see, it sounds blissful but not for anyone who is afraid of heights!

The incredible home design has been created by modular home designers Modscape, who remind us a home can be almost anything we can imagine.  This three bedroom five story property  has its main entry via the top-floor carport, where a lift will take you to your desired level.  They have decorated the property with a minimalist touch so that their is no distraction from the stunning ocean views.

Managing director of Modscape  Jan Gyran said “this isn’t a build that would work in a convential building plan” the design itself would make conventional construction prohibitive due to cost and access issues”, he said.

What does Median House Price mean?

The median house price is calculated by finding the midway point of all the properties sold at market price over a set period of time.

This differs from the mean point, which equates to the average price – adding the sales prices together and then dividing this by the number of sales.

The reason the term median house is used rather than mean price, is because it more accurately reflects the market.

I would advise however, for the very best way to get an idea of property prices, it is advisable to  view the median house prices over a period of time and monitor trends rather than looking at the median house price sold over a shorter period of time.

Property prices fluctuate up and down throughout the seasons.




Northern Beaches Property Sales

Sometimes the amazing results that we achieve for our clients become routine for us.

We have for years now obsessed over finding the best photographer to take photos of our client’s houses.  Studied styling methods, studied the market, and using the best marketing plan for home sellers so that they receive the most amount of money on their sale, it works really well. Occasionally I’ll be sharing a story about one of our clients’ results to a friend or acquaintance and they are extremely impressed by the real impact that selling homes for way over the price they initially expected in way under the normal time  has on our clients.

Just recently we sold a house in Collaroy Plateau at Auction for over $100,000 over reserve price with a four week marketing plan.  It was a cattle farmer from Albury’s house and due to the fact the owner could not be in Sydney for long periods of time, we took over the gardening, styling, looked after everything from start to finish while at the same time keeping the family informed  along the way, and finally  achieving  an outstanding result for the family they were absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

If you would like to achieve results like this in your market,  give me a call on 0424 990 885 for a confidential chat.

Collaroy Plateau Property Prices

The median house price for a three bedroom property in Collaroy Plateau is $1,420,000             (Price data last updated Mar 13 2017 RP Data).   This is the midway point of all the houses sold in an area over a set period.

The mean price is the  average price when you ad all the sold properties together and divide it by the number of sales.

Collaroy Plateau NSW 2097 is a very popular suburb for families with over half the population of Collaroy Plateau consisting of couples with children.  Positioned in an enviable area close to beaches, a movie cinema, cafes and great schools Collaroy Plateau is only 16km to the CBD.  If you would like any more information on Collaroy Plateau contact Carolyne Hawkes from Northern Beaches Estate Agents www.northernbeachesestateagents.com.au 



Developments around the new Northern Beaches

Developments around the new Northern Beaches Hospital are expected to boost property activity in the area.

Sold for 9.6 Million
Sold for 9.6 Million

Sydney’s northern beaches are becoming very active with new developments and infrastructure spilling over from the busier areas of Macquarie Park, North Ryde and even Chatswood.

While it’s a niche market, agents say demand is rising from a range of tenants looking for campus-style properties, larger number of car-parking bays, but without the higher prices of the more established northern suburb commercial hubs.

Generally, office vacancy is sitting under 10 per cent, while industrial sites are becoming rare which has bumped up prices.

The new development around the new Northern Beaches Hospital is expected to have a positive impact on property activity in the area, with Frenchs Forest anticipated to undergo gentrification in the coming years

There is also the proposed redevelopment of the North Head area, possibly into aged care or hotel-style businesses.

The latest property sale in the area was at 18 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest. The 3435 square metre office building sold in an off-market deal for $9.6 million with a net yield of circa 10 per cent. JLL’s director of metropolitan sales & investments for NSW, Paul Hunter, and JLL’s director of industrial for North Sydney, Ben Byford, managed the sale of the property on behalf of a private investor to PAIM Pty Ltd.

Mr Hunter said the property achieved a good sale price given the anticipated increasing value of the wider area, and the security of current long-standing tenants including Conair, who has 1250 square metres of space in the office building.

“The Frenchs Forest area is undergoing an upgrade, with about $400 million in road infrastructure works planned to reduce traffic congestion, including overpasses,” Mr Hunter said.

“This area is becoming increasingly sought-after by investors who are looking at the long-term, projected growth for Frenchs Forest, taking into account planned infrastructure around the Northern Beaches Hospital.”

The Northern Beaches Hospital project is already well under way, and is expected to be completed during 2018. Proposed road infrastructure upgrades include areas of Warringah Road, Wakehurst Parkway, Naree Road and Frenchs Forest Roads.

Mr Byford said rents and capital values have been fairly stagnant in Frenchs Forest area over the past decade.

“However, this is likely to change with the arrival of the hospital and draft Local Environmental Plan with mixed-use zonings due to go on public exhibition in the coming months,” Mr Byford said.

Luke Crawford, assistant research consultant at Knight Frank, said the nothern areas of Sydney are performing well, helped by the conversion of offices into apartments, particularly in North Sydney and Chatswood.

“Rental growth has been most pronounced within the North Sydney and Chatswood prime markets over the past year,” Mr Crawford said.

“Commercial sales remain strong, totalling $1.2 billion over the 2014 calendar year.”

Maximise Your Investment Potential

Actively managing your property investment portfolio is vital to the success of any positive investment return. However, this may not always be as straightforward as it sounds, and the best way to approach your investment is to treat it like a business. This is where your property manager can be an integral part of your approach, as they can help your investments achieve premium results.

Your property manager will help you keep your own investment goals in mind, such as capital growth and a steady rental return. The rent you receive will ultimately help you pay off your investment, and the rental return will also be a key factor in determining the future sale price of your property.

Your property needs to remain competitive to attract tenants, and as such, your property manager will help you review the rent regularly, say every six or 12 months (and with every change in tenancy), to ensure it remains competitive in a market sense.everything-in-the-apartment-follows-modern-and-luxury-interior-design-951x635

Finally, your property manager can assist in identifying investment property expenses that can be claimed on tax. Claimable expenses can include advertising for tenants, bank charges and body corporate fees, not to mention maintenance outlays such as cleaning, gardening and pest control. However, it is always wise to consult your financial adviser in these situations as well, to ensure you are receiving the full range of financial advice.




Supply and demand in Collaroy The level of competition in a suburb can affect prices and availability.

High demand market
Visits per property
Visits per property
Supply and Demand data from 01 Feb 2014 – 31 Jan 2015.

To give you an indication of the level of competition in Collaroy, the ratio of demand relative to supply is considered.

Demand is calculated as the average number of visits per listing per month over the last 12 months to realestate.com.au/buy and realestate.com.au/sold that included at least one property details page view in Collaroy, NSW 2097. Supply is calculated as the average number of property listings per month that have been viewed at least once that month on realestate.com.au/buy and realestate.com.au/sold in Collaroy, NSW 2097 over the last 12 months.

The level of demand for individual listings varies. The data above shows the average for the suburb. realestate.com.au makes no claim about the statistical significance nor accuracy of the data. Please note: This information is based on realestate.com.au data. The purpose is to give buyers and sellers an indication of interest in properties in the suburb, based on that data. It is not a definitive representation of market supply and demand.

Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent is a must!

Should you use real estate agent or sell your house yourself? largeSelling a property is a big financial transaction, so it’s worth using an expert.Real estate agents have a wealth of experience that can be invaluable. Using an agent also gives you legal protection. An agent will:

  • Provide a realistic indication of the value of your property
  • Help you decide how to sell your property, whether by auction, asking price or tender
  • Organise, attend and record prospective buyers at open for inspection days
  • Manage enquiries about your property
  • Provide access to more potential buyers via their own prospect database
  • Handle sale negotiations on your behalf and strive to achieve the best possible result

An agent will:

  • Advise on and coordinate the marketing of your property, including preparation of flyers, floor plans and photography
  • Prepare a professional advertising schedule designed to generate the most exposure for your property to attract the most potential buyers
  • Prepare a Contract of Sale
  • Provide guidance on conveyancing, legal and financial services
  • Finalise the sale through a solicitor or conveyancing specialist

Selling privately may significantly reduce the number of buyers your property is exposed to as private sale listing websites rarely have enough property stock to attract and retain serious buyers.

realestate.com.au only accepts listings from real estate agents to provide quality, professional listings and ensure every party is legally protected and well-represented.

Auction buyers to benefit from interest rate cuts

National auction results
This week’s interest rate cut will provide a boost to the auction market over the coming month and deliver a welcome reprieve for buyers looking to reduce costs. Not only will buyers enjoy the increased purchasing power, sellers will welcome the unexpected boost to the market in the middle of their marketing campaigns.This week, there are 1,218 auctions expected across Australia, with 824 of these scheduled for in capital cities. This is compared to 502 last week and 927 for the same week last year. The primary reason for lower auction volumes in capital cities is due to 36 per cent fewer auctions in Melbourne.In Sydney 317 auctions are expected compared to 154 last week and 362 this week last year.

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