Stewart Imwold, Veteran Real Estate Agent

STEWART Imwold, the veteran real estate agent who sold property in the Collaroy area for almost four decades, has died of cancer.

Mr Imwold founded the Collaroy agency The Professionals in 1977 and built it up to one of the best-regarded businesses in the area. Fifteen years ago he switched premises and brands and continued to develop the business as Elders Collaroy.

Mr Imwold was on the board of directors for the Elders franchise and an active member of the consultative committee for the Elders Group.  251074-5f65da4e-9ab4-11e4-9926-27def9b63190Beyond work the 68-year-old loved cycling and bushwalking. Mr Imwold leaves his wife, Julie, and daughter Frances who are now the new directors of the company.

Stewart’s positive and loving nature wil be forever missed by all!

 Stewart Imwold & Carolyne Hawkes
Stewart Imwold & Carolyne Hawkes