Stunning Home In Avalon

IT’S a spectacular four-bedroom residence which is expected to fetch a multimillion-dollar sale.

Jamie Durie’s stunning home at Avalon on Sydney’s northern beaches is designed to look like a whale and was completed just nine months ago.

An observation deck at the top of the house is the shape of the mammal’s stomach, while the zinc roof is in the style of a whale’s tail.214997-35b09a46-3816-11e4-a634-c008c164be37214943-34ff1046-3816-11e4-a634-c008c164be37214393-398fa9cc-3816-11e4-a634-c008c164be37214865-3bccc1e8-3816-11e4-a634-c008c164be37215023-3448c494-3816-11e4-a634-c008c164be37