Supply and demand in Collaroy The level of competition in a suburb can affect prices and availability.

High demand market
Visits per property
Visits per property
Supply and Demand data from 01 Feb 2014 – 31 Jan 2015.

To give you an indication of the level of competition in Collaroy, the ratio of demand relative to supply is considered.

Demand is calculated as the average number of visits per listing per month over the last 12 months to and that included at least one property details page view in Collaroy, NSW 2097. Supply is calculated as the average number of property listings per month that have been viewed at least once that month on and in Collaroy, NSW 2097 over the last 12 months.

The level of demand for individual listings varies. The data above shows the average for the suburb. makes no claim about the statistical significance nor accuracy of the data. Please note: This information is based on data. The purpose is to give buyers and sellers an indication of interest in properties in the suburb, based on that data. It is not a definitive representation of market supply and demand.